Judy Woodruff Virtual Fan Club

Judy, a Princess of Decency, can play an important role in saving Oberlin from an obsessive-compulsive BOT that extrapolates the status quo to infinity.

Christmas in May

JD receives an email from a fellow alum containing a link to an interview with Pres. Ambar. Parts of her interview are misleading.

Oberlin Music From 1950

JD has an album of Oberlin College songs and performances from 1950. The recordings are on three 78 RPM 12″ records.

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35 (K) Above Reality

Until now, OberlinChaos has focused on the appalling shortcomings in the College’s Board of Trustees. How could they possibly have gotten themselves into such a mess?

Remembering David Gibson

Oberlin Memorial Service for the widely respected David Gibson. d. Nov 16, 2019. A variant of this post was published on LegalInsurrection.com.

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