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Posted Aug 16, 2020 at 16:48. Revised Aug 31, 2022 at 09:44.

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It is a quiet Sunday morning here at ChaosFarm, save for some thunder and rain. The Gods were kind enough not to rain on the United Auto Workers’ Farewell parade yesterday in Oberlin. Despite our desire to let the BOT and the Administration prevaricate in the beds they have made for themselves, the BOT has once again distinguished itself with a gift of indecency that keeps on giving.

The college’s comatose and derelict BOT did not actively and directly pick another needless and stupid fight — it did so behind the opacity of its secure sinecure. All they have done is look the other way while their lackeys in the Administration continue to bungle hatchet jobs.

chutzpah, hype and horse manure for the Gibson Bakery appellate court decisionFighting a stupid war

In February President Ambar announced that the College would cancel the contract with the UAW for dining and custodial services as part of a cost-cutting program. This caused an uproar from students and alumni who felt that this act of union-busting was uncalled for or worse. See https://www.learning-and-outsourced-labor.com.

Using the Unofficial, Uncensored Oberlin Alumni Facebook Group as a platform, certain alumni launched “The 1833 Just Transition Fund” to oppose the union-busting and help the many affected employees offset their loss of income. They have raised enough money to keep the employees’ pay intact for months! BTW, there really is an official, censored alumni Facebook group.

The 1833 Group gained support, filed for and is receiving 501c3 tax-exempt status, and encouraged alumni to redirect their contributions to the  College to the 1833 Group. The alumni response was overwhelming and big enough that the BOT should have noticed but probably hasn’t.

UAW Farewell - departmentsThe union contract was up at the end of June, so contract re-negotiations were launched. The College had established a cost-saving figure for eliminating the union, so the union offered to make changes that would achieve that figure. The college refused to accept this offer, which leaves the impression that the College was negotiating in bad faith.

Many in the Oberlin College community pride themselves on never stooping to the level of business people. Most people in business understand that it is stupid to piss off a union unnecessarily, but some on the BOT and in the Administration are not businessmen. These folks are at the pinnacle of elitism in their egalitarian and progressive worlds.

The Giant, Inverse Protest

Professor Jacobson of Legalinsurrection.com has covered many stupid university protests, but this inverse protest may not interest him because it is too sensible and could bore his readers. Moreover, it is a subtle and better thought-out protest than having a group of Antifa goons shoot up and bomb the place.

So how does an inverse protest manage to fly under the good professor’s radar? One reason is it is not a protest (at least on the surface) but is a thank you celebration for their many years of satisfactory employment at Oberlin College! This type of “protest” gains support and sympathy in ways that a sick pack of Antifa terrorists could never match. The picture below shows all the “protesters” wearing masks, keeping some distance between themselves, and not threatening anybody or anything. Also, see news photos of protesters.

UAW Inverse Protest
UAW Inverse Protest at Oberlin College
Credit: Bridget Sanchez-Maldonado

Some people at Oberlin have not forgotten decency and manners even when they are the victims of a pack of Neo-puritan ideologues. Had the BOT shown some decency, manners, and concern for other people, this mess would not have happened. The participants in this “inverse protest” have shown themselves to be much higher class people than those engaging in the vendetta against them.

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