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Posted Nov 8, 2019 at 13:00. Revised Jun 10, 2021 at 09:32.

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chutzpah, hype and horse manure for the Gibson Bakery appellate court decisionOberlin Trustees ignore renegades

The Oberlin Trustees have been unwilling to take a stand against the administration renegades, or so it appears. This cowardice is not a policy evolution but a transfiguration of certain trustees into self-appointed and self-anointed saints with the mission of cleansing the world of the Gibsons.

However slight, everyone is a racist to some degree, so the racist slur can apply to anyone. It is essential to prioritize the battles against racism and concentrate on the important ones rather than throwing tens of millions of dollars at fighting an inconsequential target like Gibson’s Bakery. The managerial negligence of the trustees in the Gibson matter has created an appalling lose-lose situation for both the College and the Gibsons.

The transfiguration of the trustees into social justice warriors determined to destroy the Gibsons through legal means is a mockery of the rule of law. A hidden agenda or being lied to would explain why so many brilliant and accomplished people have done so many dumb things so consistently. There is no apparent other explanation.

Oberlin Trustees learn from the My Lai massacre

During the Vietnam War, some command decisions ran off the rails, just as have the BOT and the Administration fantasies about the evil Gibsons. During the Vietnam War, Marine Lt. Calley was ordered to clear the Viet Cong from the village of My Lay. He met a lot of resistance and essentially killed everyone in the village.

Calley was court-martialed for massacring innocent civilians and explained his actions with the statement, “The only way I knew to liberate the village was to destroy it.” The BOT and the Administration similarly view the Gibsons. The only way they know to “liberate” Oberlin from the Gibsons is to destroy the entire community.

The Gibsons are not enemies unless the self-righteous and insensitive arrogance of the College Administration has driven the Gibsons into the enemy camp. To justify making enemies of the Gibsons, the College has declared that its combat mission against the Gibsons is about defending the right of free speech. They haven’t gotten the message that libel and slander, which was at issue in the civil trial, are not parts of free speech.

The defense of free speech line is a great coverup for the tens of millions in damages that the BOT has incurred by their unbelievable managerial incompetence. The old-fashioned concept of decency is out the window in this matter.

Self-prescribed psychotherapy

The responsible people for causing the sordid Gibson mess must be projecting everything ugly that they hate in themselves onto Gibson’s Bakery. Transforming themselves in such a way is a sick form of self-prescribed psychotherapy. The comatose “woke” Board and Administration need some awakening!

Now you can say in all honesty, Nobody told me!
/s/ JD Nobody (ho, hum), OC ’61.

The purpose of this blog is to tell the other side of the Gibson’s Bakery, OSCA, the Kosher-Halal Co-op, and UAW stories to Oberlin Alumni lest they believe the College’s heavily redacted and whitewashed version of events. Please tell your fellow Obies how the Trustee-Politburo has damaged the College’s reputation, the worth of our degrees, the Gibsons, the college’s union workers, K-H, and the OSCA Co-op tradition. No pandemic, sleazy PR, or conflating of libel and slander with free speech can divert attention from the BOT’s negligence in these matters. Speak up and insist that the BOT arrest its compulsive, neo-Puritan righteousness, which has already eradicated either THOUSANDS of $36,000 scholarships or 225 Steinway concert grand pianos — just to wreck a tiny bakery, a cooperating union, K-H, and the OSCA Student Co-op!
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Posted Nov 8, 2019 at 13:00. Revised Jun 10, 2021 at 09:32.
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By JD Nobody

JD Nobody, OC '61, has a 54-year career in developing software. This involved IT application design and maintenance, software engineering, bank operations, and article composing software for The Business Torts Reporter. He was an administrative officer and ICBM launch officer in the U.S. Air Force.

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