• Black Lives Matter 2020 — Traumatized By Antifa Treachery

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    Contemplations from ChaosFarm on the Black Lives Matter movement and its clandestine infiltration by Antifa and Maoists.

  • Liar, Liar

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    President Trump is always a liar — or is he? Michael Moore takes on the disconnected, educated elitists and explains why working-class people voted for Trump.

  • Oberlin College Fights 2 Student Sexcapades in Court

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    Oberlin College's sexual conduct rules challenged over bias against men and the definition of consent. Male student wins court case against college.

  • Oberlin College Psychology Dept.

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    The Oberlin College Psychology Department constructively influenced JD Nobody's thinking. He is grateful for the department's absence in his life.

  • Pregnant MUDs Attack ChaosFarm

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    Marauding Urban Deer (MUDs) invade ChaosFarm, which JD compares to SnowJob and the 33+ Dwarfs of the Oberlin BOT.

  • Psychoanalyzing the BOT

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    Using basic Jungian and Myers-Briggs psychoanalyzing ideas helps to understand the Oberlin College BOT's crazy actions. How faux compassion tricks their minds.

  • Restoring Power – Dangerous Loss at Oberlin College

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    A violent summer storm at ChaosFarm causes a power failure in a world of complexity that parallels a different kind of power failure at Oberlin College.

  • The Electronic Holocaust

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    The electronic holocaust resulting from social media and political disinformation is an urgent problem.

  • The OberlinChaos Clubhouse

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    The OberlinChaos Clubhouse reports the latest OberlinChaos posts and revisions concerning Oberlin College developments.

  • Trump – A Student of FDR?

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    3 Great crises occurred in American History that threatened the nation's survival. The similarities between Trump and FDR are part of this picture.