• 19 Hot Gibson FAQs

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    Oberlin College and Gibson's bakery are locked in an FAQ war. Unlike the College, OberlinChaos believes in fairness and presents the FAQs of both sides.

  • 2 Of Oberlin’s Henhouse Foxes May Be Cornered!

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    The foxes' cunning may have deceived the BOT and caused needless grief for Gibson's Bakery. There are solutions that can right the ship.

  • A Call to Arms at Oberlin College

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    The Oberlin College BOT's appeal in the Gibson's Bakery matter includes an amicus brief campaign that could mislead the appellate court.

  • At Last 2 Oberlin Foxes Explain “The Gibson Henhouse Happenings”

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    The College Administration's Oberlin foxes made conference calls to selected alumni to whitewash the College's losses in the lawsuit with Gibson's Bakery.

  • Bogus Freedom of Speech Issue

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    Oberlin College has not clearly defined how freedom of speech applies to who, when, and how a person can speak, act, or take a position in the name of the College.

  • Counterfeit Cherokee Warriors

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    The injustices in the Cherokee Death March (The Trail of Tears) has similarities to the injustices in Oberlin College's vendettas against tiny Gibson's Bakery.

  • Hype, Chutzpah, and Horse Manure

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    The hype, chutzpah, and horse manure generated by the Oberlin College BOT's lackeys should reach a crescendo during and after the Gibson's v Oberlin appeal.

  • Oberlin And Gibson’s Bakery Revisited

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    Oberlin College is facing a perfect storm of ill will and financial troubles caused by the Coronavirus, student co-ops, union relations, and Gibson's Bakery.

  • Oberlin College Fights 2 Student Sexcapades in Court

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    Oberlin College's sexual conduct rules challenged over bias against men and the definition of consent. Male student wins court case against college.

  • Oberlin Smashes 225 Grand Pianos

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    Oberlin College could have purchased 225 Steinway Concert Grand Pianos with the needlessly incurred liabilities from trying to destroy tiny Gibson's Bakery.

  • Oberlin, Listen To Your Damn Lawyers!

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    How did the BOT allow Oberlin College to get into such a mess with the Gibsons? The BOT was gullible and trusted liars!

  • Reconciliation Fails; Gibson’s Sues College

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    The College refuses to apologize, demands vigilante power over future shoplifters, Oberlin cancels the Gibson's dining hall baked goods contract. Gibson's sues.

  • Shamelessness Marches On

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    Gibson's Bakery a victim of generic bigots clothed in the most elegant and "woke" elitism. Shamelessness marches on.

  • Students Burn Oberlin President in Effigy

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    College president burned in effigy apparently for planning to eliminate the UAW as the food service workers' bargaining agent.

  • The OberlinChaos Clubhouse

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    The OberlinChaos Clubhouse reports the latest OberlinChaos posts and revisions concerning Oberlin College developments.

  • Two down, 1 to go

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    The score at Oberlin is two down and 1 to go in the blame game for Gibson's Bakery, OSCA, the UAW, etc. Squirrel of color sexcapades revealed.