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  • 2 Of Oberlin’s Henhouse Foxes May Be Cornered!

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    The foxes' cunning may have deceived the BOT and caused needless grief for Gibson's Bakery. There are solutions that can right the ship.

  • 2016 Election Results Leave Oberlin College Jumpy

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    2016 election results leave Oberlin College students thinking unclearly. Shoplifting at Gibson's Bakery creates protests, slander, and discrimination charges.

  • 35 Oberlin Trustees Achieve Denial

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    Oberlin Trustees have been jelly-spined cowards unwilling to take a stand against the administration renegades, or so it appears.

  • A Call to Arms at Oberlin College

    Index by Category 4

    The Oberlin College BOT's appeal in the Gibson's Bakery matter includes an amicus brief campaign that could mislead the appellate court.

  • A Great 2021 Post and Article Index for OberlinChaos

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    A Great 2021 Post and Article Index for OberlinChaos, in alphabetical order by title. An index by category is available from the hamburger menu.

  • Black Lives Matter 2020 — Traumatized By Antifa Treachery

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    Contemplations from ChaosFarm on the Black Lives Matter movement and its clandestine infiltration by Antifa and Maoists.

  • Bogus Freedom of Speech Issue

    Index by Category 7

    Oberlin College has not clearly defined how freedom of speech applies to who, when, and how a person can speak, act, or take a position in the name of the College.

  • Oberlin College Heritage

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    Oberlin College Heritage dates from 1833, when it was very different from what it is today. It is a heritage that seems intentionally forgotten!

  • Reconciliation Fails; Gibson’s Sues College

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    The College refuses to apologize, demands vigilante power over future shoplifters, Oberlin cancels the Gibson's dining hall baked goods contract. Gibson's sues.