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The Ninth District Appellate Court decision in the Gibson Bakery v Oberlin Case was expected on or around Feb. 8, 2021, because one of the judges hearing the case left the court at that time. It is unclear what the court will decide to do to proceed from here. See related OberlinChaos posts.

Oberlin College has been picking stupid and avoidable fights with the Student Co-op Association on top of the apparently bad faith negotiations with the UAW. It is not enough to bully only Gibson’s Bakery.

CBS News nominated for Emmy Award for its coverage of the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College litigation.

The page views at surpassed 16,032 on 5/10/21. The average number of pages a visitor has looked at is 4. This means visitors are checking things out rather than leaving immediately.

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The Complexity Series

05/??/21… A Tale of 2 Parties.

10/11/20… Just Wait…

If you are unhappy with the President…

10/04/20… Liar, Liar.

Is President Trump a liar, a storyteller, or both?

08/22/20… Rev.10/2. Trump – A Student of FDR?

08/19/20… Black Lives Matter – Hijacked by Antifa.

Our friends in BLM need to be on the lookout for false friends who play them for suckers. Understanding Antifa, Mao-Tse-Tung, and Lenin’s battle tactics are necessary to see the current situation’s risks.

07/31/20… The Electronic Holocaust.

07/24/20… Intelligence Analysis and Stupidity.

Intelligence analysis and how not to do it…
The ChaosFarm pole saw a debacle…

07/19/20… His Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition.

America’s descent into political barbarism.

07/16/20… Joshua Fights The Battle Of Jericho.

The model for President Trump?

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The Oberlin College Series

04/30/21… New. Oberlin and China’s Mao Dynasty

03/15/21… The Comatose Woke at Oberlin College

02/28/21… The Oberlin College Student Cooperative Assn.

01/02/21… Hype, Chutzpah, and Horse Manure

Get ready for some good cover stories — the 9th district appellate court took up Gibsons v Oberlin on Nov. 10, 2020. The judicial panel failed to rule on the case by its February deadline.

12/06/20… Updated: Oberlin College Executive Pay — Huge!

Two years of tax returns published here show that Oberlin’s top dogs collect salaries big enough to choke a horse and have generated $1.9M in unexplained business losses!

10/04/20… Blackbaud: Shenanigans or Negligence?

Are the Oberlin Alumni financial and administrative records endangered or lost?

09/20/20… Revised: The 1833 Just Transition Fund.

Picking needless fights with your union is not smart.

Rev. 09/15/20… COVID-19 Outsmarted by Oberlin College

08/16/20… Giant Inverse Protest at Oberlin College.

08/11/20… Oberlin’s COVID Twilight Zone.

07/01/20… A Call to Arms at Oberlin College

The amicus briefs filed in the appellate court to support Oberlin College’s continuing vendetta against tiny Gibson’s Bakery are predicated on a false assumption and are an embarrassment to the very liberalism Oberlin College has always stood for. Shame on all.

06/14/20… Restoring Power.

A power failure at ChaosFarm leads to some interesting insights into running a power company and running a college. Oberlin College’s power failure is shocking.

06/7/20… Self-Inflicted UAW Labor Trouble.

The College has filed its somewhat absurd appeal of the Gibson’s Bakery jury verdict. New students promise war to save the UAW. Student activists derive an Orwellian Animal Farm style readjustment of the College’s “Learning and Labor” motto. They think this will keep the United Auto Workers from being busted by the College. A College employee makes a racially inflammatory social media post. They may even be planning to put thumbtacks on President Ambar’s chair! Isn’t all this enough for one post?

05/30/20… Updated 9/10. 2 Oberlin College student sex incidents go to court.

Student sexcapades land Oberlin College in the Lorain County Common Pleas Court — twice! Warning: stop reading these XXX-rated court filings if they become too graphic.

02/20/20… How not to run a railroad.

Cutting costs and improving manners. Hurry, hurry! Buy the Professor Street  Bridge over Plum Creek while it is still available!

Now you can say in all honesty, Nobody told me!
/s/ JD Nobody (No pronouns!), OC ’61.

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The purpose of this blog is to tell the other side of the Gibson’s Bakery, OSCA, the Kosher-Halal Co-op, and UAW stories to Oberlin Alumni lest they believe the College’s heavily redacted and whitewashed version of events. Please tell your fellow Obies how the Trustee-Politburo has damaged the College’s reputation, the worth of our degrees, the Gibsons, the college’s union workers, K-H, and the OSCA Co-op tradition. No pandemic, sleazy PR, or conflating of libel and slander with free speech can divert attention from the BOT’s negligence in these matters. Speak up and insist that the BOT arrest its compulsive, neo-Puritan righteousness, which has already eradicated either THOUSANDS of $36,000 scholarships or 225 Steinway concert grand pianos — just to wreck a tiny bakery, a cooperating union, K-H, and the OSCA Student Co-op! logo

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By JD Nobody

JD Nobody, OC '61, has a 54-year career in developing software. This involved IT application design and maintenance, software engineering, bank operations, and article composing software for The Business Torts Reporter. He was an administrative officer and ICBM launch officer in the U.S. Air Force.

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