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Manna From Heaven

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The Oberlin College Series

Posted Apr 2, 2020 at 14:42. Revised Jun 10, 2021 at 08:40.

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chutzpah, hype and horse manure for the Gibson Bakery appellate court decisionManna from heaven

It is fitting and appropriate that as Passover approaches, the BOT has received an early installment of manna from heaven. It is the COVID 19 virus. This manna is a divine blessing to the BOT since it directs attention away from their disconnectedness for as long as everyone’s concerns are focused on the virus.

Easter comes during the middle of Passover this year, so one can only speculate on what additional cover-up benefits the Easter Bunny might deliver to the BOT on Easter morning. The Easter Bunny could leave many golden eggs for the college, assuming that bunnies can lay eggs just like the BOT does.

JD wonders how his classmate that gave millions to the college for improved athletic facilities feels about how the BOT’s financial negligence and dereliction of duty have betrayed his benefactions many times over in its mishandling of the Gibson lawsuit alone.

JD never went to law school, but he learned enough in his 12th-grade civics class to know that hearsay is not admissible as evidence in a court of law. This simple fact was lost on lawyers such as the college’s general counsel and President Ambar, who seemed quite comfortable with trying to defend the hearsay slander job which the college did on Gibson’s Bakery.

There is no winner in the Gibson litigation. The powers that be in the college administration and the BOT appear to be appallingly ignorant and unable to recognize that no matter what happens with the Gibsons, everyone loses.

OberlinChaos and others have pointed out earlier that attorney Ambar has the ultimate gift of gab when talking something under the table. Anyone who has seen her in action knows she can deliver a drive-by, hit-and-run sales pitch that can convince anyone to sign up for a trip through hell and have her customer enthusiastically looking forward to the trip. Marvel at her performances, but listen to her with healthy skepticism.

COVID 19, on top of all of the financial mismanagement by the college, is the promised trip through hell. It is not turning out to be fun. Just ask the Gibsons or the United Auto Workers.

Now you can say in all honesty, Nobody told me!
/s/ JD Nobody (ho, hum), OC ’61.

ChaosFarm LogoChaosFarm Update

Spring at ChaosFarm is slowly appearing. Today there is sunshine, and a few lone daffodils are blooming at the edge of the south pasture. Buzzards that live in trees at a neighboring farm are flying overhead.  It’s hard to know what they eat because they are always either flying or roosting.

It will soon be time to start making hay, which means the mowing equipment will have to come out of the barn and be put into working order. Every farmer knows that farming is a continuous challenge because something always goes wrong, so a farmer needs to find creative innovations that get around the hurdles of life. It is like the things the Oberlin College Board of Trustees needs to do to keep the college running. The difference is the BOT doesn’t know how to improvise and innovate as a farmer does.

ChaosFarm is most fortunate to be located outside of the Oberlin bubble, but yet close enough to enjoy the occasional benefits which come from within the bubble. Being outside the bubble allows time for the thought and work necessary to keep ChaosFarm’s electronic dairy cow fed and happy. The electronic dairy cow is, of course, OberlinChaos.com. Just like an old-fashioned dairy cow, it requires attention twice a day, relentlessly.

Ask any dairy farmer if dairying is easy. A dairy farmer does not live in a sinecure of privilege like the college BOT. The BOT can get away with dereliction of duty for years even though their dairy herd can tolerate it for only so long. Even when the unattended cows eventually become sick and die, the BOT is unable to connect the dots between their negligence and the infirmities of their herd. Despite the negligence and slow injury being done to the herd, the BOT soldiers on while its virtual dairy herd languishes.

Now you can say in all honesty, Nobody told me!
/s/ JD Nobody (ho, hum), OC ’61.

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By JD Nobody

JD Nobody, OC '61, had a 56-year career in developing software. This involved IT application design and maintenance, software engineering, bank operations, and article-composing software for The Business Torts Reporter. In the US Air Force, he was an ICBM launch officer, administrative officer, and finance officer.

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Jd kwik

Ambar has the ultimate gift of gab when it comes to talking something under the table…

Got any footage? Links?

Thank u

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